Chemical Process
Control Company


Breakthrough Technology

-1000TM Series

The AgLAB-1000TM series of spectrometers are ruggedized factory floor analytical instruments designed to quickly and easily analyze complex chemical compounds found in organic plant materials. AgLAB offers the Maximum Value ProcessTM services to our customers to maximize potency and ending-weight yields of the oils that are distilled from cannabis and hemp biomass.


AgLAB Inc. is a chemical processing control company that is devoted to increasing potencies, yields and revenues for high volume CBD and THC distillation systems. The AgLAB Maximum Value ProcessingTM method provides distillers with the easy-to-use high-resolution mass spectrometer that provides valuable near real-time information used to adjust the parameters (temperatures, feed-rate and vacuum) while optimizing the potency and yields for each batch.

AgLAB Inc. is a subsidiary of Astrotech Corporation with a 23-year heritage working with NASA on the Space Shuttle and International Space Station (Iss) where we designed and built the ruggedized MMS-1000TM mini-mass spectrometer.


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